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Top Ten Zombie Movies of All Time

Zombie Movies seem to be a popular niche in the film industry. Here is a list of the top 10 "must see" movies for any zombie enthusiast.  In my many years I have watched numerous zombie related movies hundreds easily. (Some bad... some GREAT) Non zombie enthusiasts simply don't understand the passion and thrill that is associated with these films. I've met many people that are baffled by the love for zombies.

Yes, zombie movie making is an art. Think of the art that goes into the choreography of just a simple zombie scene.  One that would make a dance choreographer pull their hair out.  Working with a massive crowd of extras is hard enough but amateur extras all in make up is the hardest by far.  One guy sneezes and he blows the whole scene.  Imagine the difficulty with that.  The make up preparation daily is a time consuming procedure.  With all this said lets dive in.

I review these movies on a 4 brain system instead of stars with 4 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.
Here are the most prominent Zombie movies of all time according to me in importance.

10.  Fido (2006) - This was a classic in all senses of the word.  It takes pleasant ville to a whole new level.  Taking place in post World war times the technology to subdue zombies to become slaves and make life easier is genius.  People and zombies coexisting in your wildest dreams.

9.  28 Days Later (2002)  The apocalyptic visions of an empty metropolis is amazing.  Also a first the pictures of a vacant city alone plus the rage virus version lets this crack my top ten for originality and realism.

8.  Shaun of the Dead (2004)  One of the best Zombie comedies ever if not one of the funniest comedies ever.  It pokes fun of the slow zombies and takes place in England.

7.  Zombieland (2009)  My favorite Zombie comedy hands down.  Starring Woody Harrelson and guest appearance by Bill Murray.  How could you go wrong?  The movie mixed with amazing visuals and guideline to survival to a feel good love story this movie has it all.

6.  White Zombie (1932)  is the grandfather of the American zombie film, whose influence is felt everywhere from movies to music even being the influence to the band White zombie. surprisingly scary looking zombies, and an important lesson for all zombie movies to come.  This movie is important because it fathered the shoot them i the head to kill theory enacted as a staple in all zombie movies regardless of what type of Zombie.

5. Zombie (1979) The best of the Italian zombie movies best know for it's underwater shark zombie scene.  Arguably the most gruesome of all the Zombie movies.

4.  Dawn of the Dead (2003) Remake Beside the fact that it takes place in a mall nothing is the same as the original.  It breathes new life to the fresh zombie theory where zombies are able to run.  A classic in its own right.

3.  Night of the living Dead (1985) Remake Although Romero purists will argue against John Russo's post-Night-of-the-Living-Dead impact on the zombie movie genre, "The Return of the Living Dead" had an indelible impact. First, it featured fast-moving zombies. Second, it introduced the zombie motto "Brains!"

2.  Night of the Living Dead (1968)- George a Romero first masterpiece was a classic instant classic.  Taught the importance of fortifying and boarding up for an upcoming horde.

1.  Dawn of the Dead (1978)  Besides being born in 1978 this is my favorite film as it captured the imagination of a Zombie apaclypse.  Turned it from horror to fantasy with the controlling of a mall and being able to get everything that you ever wanted.

Written by Peter Van Deusen, CEO of A website focused on bringing Zombie Clothing to the everday enthusiest.

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