Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canning food: Preservation and building a garden

English: Galveston, TX, October 10, 2008 -- In...
English: Galveston, TX, October 10, 2008 -- Insulated food storage containers called "Cambros" are lined up for loading onto Red Cross ERVs and Salvation Army canteens, which will distribute them throughout Galveston. Over 30,000 meals are delivered daily. FEMA photo by Greg Henshall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How dependent are you currently on the goods, service, of other people? It's almost as if we are bound to social programs,  and if one went away a lot of family's could possibly feel desperate  and acting without thinking . All of use power and purchase our food and goods from the local marketplace. If there was a major power outage coupled with the markets shutdown, honestly, are you ready? I recommend having a cache of survival items. If you've been watching the current round of economic and government problems. Then check out what is going on in other countries; we are not that far away from comparable events.

Canning food preservation & Food storage

Supply lines for food distribution in this country are roughly three days, which means a full dependence on "The Kanban Method" or Just in time (JIT) distribution systems, which will leave shop shelves empty within the event of even the smallest crisis. For people who don't have the capability to grow their own food for the long-term, you and your family's well-bing could be in jeopardy. It is a rewarding feeling to start your own garden, you should get started on one as soon as possible. You should have good solid information about do-it-yourself canning to boost your survival food storage cache. For what amounts to a small investment, you can setup your own food system, saving loads of money over the long haul. Start buying seeds that are organic or not modified genetically in any way. Avoid hybrids that wont allow to you reuse the seeds or start new seeds from the plants natural abilities (Genetic use restriction technology). It can be never too early to build a strategy in the event of an emergency. Having  food , evacuation and survival plans  in place will set you above a lot of people in terms of how well your family last in the event of an emergency.
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