Friday, August 17, 2012

Survival: Currency collapse

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Part two: collapse of the currency and asses resources.

Should the US currency collapse, you're going to learn a few things about resource management. I don't doubt that this. You will learn a harsh lesson in how to plan for your future, if you don't then you will fall. A secondary resource or currency won't take long to implement (or shouldn't) if your a conspiracy theorist I am sure you have already thought of some elaborate system. I assure you, none of that matters when family comes to mind. In a highly unlikely scenario that a new currency does not come quick, there are a few things you should know. All around our major cities are literally thousands of tons of material that can be scraped together to create items for bartering. Have you ever looked around at home being built the large bins of "trash." Inside these bins, are different kinds of scrap metal, fencing, and wood. Does your family rely on a wood stove for heat? You won't find a shortage look proper place. We should also note, in regards to your food that the average grocery store will be cleaned out in an emergency in about eight hours or less. There is never enough stock of food or medical supply's in a  catastrophic event or government emergency. A long time ago our grandparents and their grandparents used to can their food. So now, before anything happens might be a good idea to keep can goods stored. You don't need a can opener, all you need is a cement like service to scrape the bottom of the clockwise until you break the lid open. If you utilize your space, you should be able to store about three months of food relatively cheap and easy. Grab your coupon books pick up all the 10 cans for 10$ deals you can. These sales are happening all the time.

Lastly, if you have a home in the mountains or a resort away from the city this might be your best bet. Store your food and fuel keep your family safe and secure for about a three month period. You need more time than that it's a good idea to stock up on tools and supplies to help you gather food. Tents and other shelters can keep a family for a decent amount of time. Always remember that while you may find it easy to rely on the system, it has failed in the past. (Hurricane Katrina) you would be wise to plan out a good means to keep your family safe until the worst  part blows over. This is not meant to scare you or drive a panic, just to inform you that relying on the government to keep you safe is not a good plan. Why? Because 300,000,000+ people could also be using this same plan and that my friend is a recipe for disaster.  So invest some time, build your food storage.  Clip your coupons. Buy tents, axes , and other useful tools. Have a med kit and bug out bag ready. It's your responsibility to make sure your family is safe. Not the governments.   Food and commodities for you family is always a good investment.

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