Friday, August 10, 2012

Threats to your safety: Floods, Economic, Molecular Nanotechnology?

Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are many probable threats to your safety and the safety of your loved ones, and in many different forms, from natural disasters (Twisters,  massive burst wind, Arctic Blasts, Cat 3+ hurricanes, flash floods and the list goes on) to man created terrors like (Chernobyl type events, Chemical released bio-toxins, pandemics, terrorism and Nanobots, many more we are unaware of.) recently it's more likely to be an economic disaster, which is definitely a possibility. There are techniques to use where it is possible to start out to prepare now, to safeguard your family by collecting survival gear, survival food, along with other survival type items.

Survival gear and supplies will have to be collected to keep your family fed and sheltered for a 72 hours minimum. You'll want to carefully take into consideration the threats at your location (which is specific to you) and build a kit accordingly. There are plenty of items like  sanitation products, medications, water and food that should definitely be included. Here are two crucial suggestions I learned the tough way when our energy went out I did not feel a need to shop for women's sanitation products and that really pissed off my wife. This added unneeded stress.  I also forgot about the pet food and we ran out, forcing me to give out human food to my two dogs. Do you know what happens every time the energy goes out? The
stores all shutdown or sell out, so you can not just run out and restock or grab some. These are two really important survival commodities that should really be on your list(Women products/animal food.) Take into consideration what you use every single day and start to collect and stock these supplies. Take a couple of items out of a brand new box or package and put them together with your survival supply kit. This allows you to build-up and help in creating your kit without having to grab up a bunch of extra survival items all at once. Remember shelf-life!
Chernobyl radiation map from CIA handbook, svg...
Chernobyl radiation map from CIA handbook, svg'd by User:Sting, and re-anglified by me (to the same strange names used in the original). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a 25year shelf-life, why wait? Grab your survival food today!

Be 100% aware of the survival foods that you collect. You need to ensure that they are stored safely and last long enough. Canned goods typically last one year, so you should add in a rotation variable to your survival plan. You can check them often, I suggest every 26 weeks then if you don't want to eat them when they are close to expiring, donate whatever you need to get rid of to a food bank, this also helps your fellow man. Other foods have a number of shelf life's so be sure to set up a program to rotate.  This can be carried out with other foods also. Make certain that your survival food storage is out of harms way and in correctly sealed containers. You don't want to head down to get your bag of flour only to bring up all the bugs that always seem to find their way into your important cache of goods. By taking these steps I have been able to build up and fully work on my survival items  and have more than enough time and make sure that they are fresh and usable when they are required. With all of the severe weather events seemingly on the rise and the world seeming to get crazier by the day, I have been stocking some canned goods for an emergency.  Never rule out "Grey goo." Molecular Nanotechnology would suck.  Remember, most survival food and good can be bought with a huge shelf life, there is really no excuse.

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