Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catching Bigfoot: A Beginners Guide

Big Foot!
The mythical beast Sasquatch has evaded capture for decades and currently stands supreme champion of a long standing game of hide and seek, having out-hid Saddam Hussein and Raul Moat with some ease.
All evidence points to the fact that Sasquatch or Bigfoot as he is also known is similar in biological form to a human. Thus, it can be said that any attempt to capture this beast could be accomplished with ideas and apparatus that you would also use if you were searching for a person.
So, what would you need in your Bigfoot hunting kit?


Sasquatches are elusive creatures, for the best chance of finding one in its natural habitat you are going to have to become one with nature. Buy some good quality outdoor gear, as you may be out in the wild for some considerable time. Rub some mud from the local area onto any exposed skin and you’re ready to go. If you are unsure if the effect of this has been successful, try concealing yourself in your neighbour’s front garden for a day. If you are unnoticed, the first stage of training is complete.

Cameras and recording equipment

Now for one of the most integral parts of any hunter’s kit - the infrared wildlife camera: This technology was completely out of reach for anything less than the most well funded of Bigfoot hunters but it is now available at an affordable price.
Recording devices that can be activated by sound are also a great idea as you can buy enough to set up a perimeter. There’s even a myth that the Sasquatches residing in the northern Canadian Rockies are partial to the song Orinoco Flow, should you choose to try and lure them near your camera...


If you have an army of accountants funding your quest, you could go all out and get a helicopter to your quest. Using a helicopter, you are able to cover vast distances and access areas that would not be accessible via any other method.

Peanut butter sandwiches

Well, you are going to get hungry if you are in the wilderness for a sustained period of time.
 You may want to think about attending a survival course if you are really in it for the long haul.

Tranquiliser gun

When you finally confront the beast that you have been searching for, you will have to think about your next step. You are most likely wanting to show your capture to the rest of the world, but the rest of the world isn’t  going to travel out to the middle of nowhere...you need to take bigfoot somewhere for all to see!
Of course, even with all this equipment to hand, you will still have to fend for yourself when it comes to actually capturing the beast, a feat that has never been completed before. Why not enlist the help of someone from a safari park or even a military background to help you have your wits about you?
In any case, do let me know how you got on your hunt...I wish you success.

Image: Steven Perez

Estelle Page is a thirty something interior designer, loving life with her husband and two kids! She loves the outdoors and is currently enrolled on a number of photography courses. She also writes and blogs for flyonthewall.uk.com

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